The company issues and redeems EURC. EURC may be used, kept, or exchanged online wherever parties are willing to accept EURC.
EURC is 100% backed by reserves of the Company.
EURC is denominated in a range of the Euro fiat currency.
When you purchase 100 EURC, your EURC is 1-to-1 pegged to the Euro fiat currency. The company holds reserves valued at €100.00 to back your EURC, although EURC is not fiat itself.
In order to cause EURC to be issued or redeemed directly by the Company, you must be a verified customer of the Company. There are no exceptions to this provision.
The right to have EURC redeemed or issued is a contractual right personal to you.
More information on EURC maybe found by following the link below: