Prohibited Uses

You may not use MYKOBO :

  • in order to disguise the origin or nature of illicit proceeds of, or to further, any breach of applicable Laws, or to transact or deal in, any contraband Virtual Currencies, Fiat, funds, property, or proceeds;

  • if any applicable Laws, including but not limited to AML Laws, CTF Laws, Anti-Corruption Laws, Economic Sanctions Laws, prohibit, penalize, sanction, or expose MYKOBO to liability for any Services furnished or offered to you under these Terms of Service;

  • to facilitate, approve, evade, avoid, violate, attempt to violate, aid or abet the violation of, or circumvent any applicable Laws, including but not limited to AML Laws, CTF Laws, Anti-Corruption Laws, and Economic Sanctions Laws;

  • to evade taxes under the Laws of any jurisdiction(s) applicable to you or MYKOBO;

  • with anything other than Fiat, funds, or Virtual Currencies that have been legally obtained by you and that belong to you;

  • to interfere with or subvert the rights or obligations of MYKOBO or the rights or obligations of any other third party or cause legal liability for MYKOBO or other MYKOBO users;

  • or any other service or tools to take advantage of any technical glitch, malfunction, failure, delay, default, or security breach on MYKOBO;

  • to engage in conduct that is detrimental to MYKOBO or any other third party;

  • to engage or attempt to engage in wash trading, spoofing, fictitious trading or price manipulation;

  • to enter orders or quotes in any market with the intent to disrupt, or with reckless disregard for the adverse impact on, the orderly conduct of trading or the fair execution of transactions;

  • to enter orders or quotes in any market with the intent of creating the false impression of market depth or market interest;

  • to falsify any account, Virtual Currency Wallet, or Virtual Currency address registration, exchange, or administration details provided to MYKOBO, impersonate another person or misrepresent your affiliation with a person;

  • to falsify or materially omit any information or provide misleading or inaccurate information requested by MYKOBO, including at registration or during the course of administering any Services to you;

  • to cause injury to, or attempt to harm, MYKOBO or any third party through your access to the MYKOBO or any Services;

  • and have more than one Virtual Currency Wallet on MYKOBO, or use any Virtual Currency Wallet on a one-time, ‘throwaway’ basis; any such additional Virtual Currency Wallet or one time ‘throwaway’ Virtual Currency Wallet may be terminated or suspended at the absolute discretion of the Company;

  • where you are subject to prohibitions or restrictions and use any virtual private network, proxy service, or any other third party service, network, or product with the effect of disguising your IP address or location, and cause a violation of, or conspire or attempt to violate these Terms of Service or applicable Laws.

  • where any use, whether actual or suspected, shall constitute a “Prohibited Use”. If the Company determines that you have engaged in any Prohibited Use, the Company may address such Prohibited Use through an appropriate sanction, in its sole and absolute discretion. Such sanction may include, but is not limited to, making a report to any Government, law enforcement, or other authorities, without providing any notice of you about any such report; confiscation of any Virtual Currencie in any Virtual Currency Wallet that you have on MYKOBO; and, suspending or terminating your access to any and all Services may, at its sole and absolute discretion, seize and deliver your Virtual Currency assets to any applicable Government, law enforcement, or other authorities where circumstances warrant. In addition, should your actions or inaction result in the imposition of economic costs to the Company, you shall pay an amount to the Company make the Company whole, including without limitation, the amount of taxes or penalties that might be imposed on the Company; the Company reserves the right to refuse registration to, to bar transactions from or to suspend or terminate the administration of Services, for or with, any user for any reason (or for no reason) at any time, including but not limited to any limitations imposed by applicable Laws. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, this includes, but is not limited to, any transfer, transaction, business, or dealing with a: (i) Sanctioned Person, (ii) a Person from or in jurisdictions that does not meet international AML–CTF standards (including any jurisdiction identified by the FATF as high-risk, non-cooperative, or strategically deficient jurisdictions, or jurisdictions under increased monitoring; (iii) Person that is a Government Official or Politically Exposed Person within the meaning of the FATF’s 40 Recommendations; (iv) Person that presents a risk of any exposure to penalties, sanctions, or other liabilities under AML Laws, CTF Laws, Anti-Corruption Laws, Economic Sanctions Laws, or tax Laws that may apply; (v) Person that the Company determines is acting in violation of, causing any other Person, including any of the Associates, to violate, attempting or conspiring to violate, or evading or circumventing these Terms of Service or applicable Laws; and (vi) any Person that fails to meet any user due diligence standards, requests, or requirements of the Company, or otherwise appears to be of high risk, including but not limited to any of the foregoing factors. In lieu of refusing registration or ongoing administration of your Virtual Currency Wallet, the Company may perform enhanced due diligence procedures. At all times, you may be subject to enhanced due diligence procedures in your use of MYKOBO. If you decline to provide requested due diligence information or otherwise do not reply timely or substantively with the documentation or data requested, the Company has the absolute discretion to suspend or terminate Services to you immediately.

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