Disclaimer of warranty

MYKOBO makes no representations, warranties, or guarantees to you of any kind. MYKOBO and the Services are offered strictly on an as-is, where-is basis and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, are offered without any representation as to merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.

MYKOBO may also provide access to features or services that are identified as “beta” or pre-release. Without limiting the preceding sentences in this paragraph, you understand that such services are still in development, may have bugs or errors, may be feature incomplete, may materially change prior to a full commercial launch, or may never be released commercially.

MYKOBO does not provide any investment advice or advice on trading techniques, models, algorithms, or any other schemes.

MYKOBO does not provide warranty:

  • for any inaccurate, misleading, or incomplete statement regarding your Virtual Currency Wallet, whether caused by MYKOBO’s negligence or otherwise;

  • any failure, delay, malfunction, interruption, or decision (including any decision by MYKOBO to vary or interfere with your rights) by the Company in operating MYKOBO or providing any Service;

  • any stolen, lost, or unauthorized use of your Virtual Currency Wallet information, any breach of security or data breach related to your Virtual Currency Wallet information, or any criminal or other third party act affecting MYKOBO;

  • or offer, representation, suggestion, statement, or claim made about MYKOBO or Services;

  • regarding any delay in withdrawal or redemption, or loss of value of EURC or the Reserves backing EURC resulting from failure or insolvency of any bank, depository, custodian, borrower, or payment processor holding or processing the assets backing EURC, or from the theft of such assets, or from freezes, seizures, or other legal process asserted by a Government;

  • or another Person using your Virtual Currency, Virtual Currency Wallet, MYKOBO account or password, with or without your knowledge.

  • or waiver for any failure by MYKOBO to exercise any of its respective rights, powers, or remedies under these Terms of Service, or any delay by MYKOBO in doing so, does not constitute a waiver of any such right, power, or remedy. The single or partial exercise of any right, power, or remedy by MYKOBO does not prevent either from exercising any other rights, powers, or remedies.

  • against Force Majeure, MYKOBO (or any bank, depository or service provider where our deposit accounts are held or Reserves are handled) is not responsible for damages caused by delay or failure to perform undertakings under these Terms of Service when the delay or failure is due to fires; strikes or labor disputes; riots; embargoes; floods; bank failures; Virtual Currency market collapse or fluctuations; power outages or failures; acts of God or the state’s enemies; lawful acts of public authorities; any and all market movements, shifts, or volatility; computer, server, or Internet malfunctions; Internet disruptions, viruses, and mechanical, power, or communications failures; security breaches or cyber attacks; criminal acts; delays or defaults caused by common carriers; acts or omissions of third parties; or, any other delays, defaults, failures or interruptions that cannot reasonably be foreseen or provided against or that are otherwise outside of MYKOBO's control. In the event of force majeure, MYKOBO is excused from any and all performance obligations and these Terms of Service shall be fully and conclusively at an end.

These Terms of Service, and any of the rights, duties, and obligations contained herein, are not assignable by you without prior written consent of the Company. These Terms of Service, and any of the rights, duties, and obligations contained herein, are freely assignable by the Company without notice or your consent. Any attempt by you to assign these Terms of Service without written consent is void.

If any provision of these Terms of Service or part thereof, as amended from time to time, is determined to be invalid, void, or unenforceable, in whole or in part, by any court of competent jurisdiction, such invalidity, voidness, or unenforceability attaches only to such provision to the extent of its illegality, unenforceability, invalidity, or if it is void, as may be, and everything else in these Terms of Service continues in full force and effect.

From time to time, MYKOBO receives information requests from law enforcement agencies around the world. In this context, MYKOBO might be ordered to share and/or will provide on a voluntary basis, if this appears reasonable and necessary, your Personal Information with/to law enforcement agencies and/or a Government. You hereby consent to the sharing of your Personal Information as further detailed in these Terms of Service, the Privacy Policy.

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